Catch Up Social
Canna, Scotland

Welcome to Catch Up

Keeping your content private - within your family, community, school or team. Our service is based on a low cost subscription per household or group - free from advertising, user profiling and data sharing.

Key Moments

Catch Up - record key moments

Building a better place to record the key moments you only want to share with close friends and family.

History Timeline

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Invite family or group members to add old photos to a history timeline to record family history or the history of a group.


Catch Up Events

Create events, keep your best friends in the loop and invite them to add photos to the group's event timeline.


Catch Up is a private network - keeping your content private so only your close family and friends can view it. It is free from advertising, user profiling and data sharing.

Family and Groups

Catch Up is ideal for families and groups who don't want to broadcast to the world. A service without the clutter and distractions associated with other social networks.

Subscription Rates

Only one person per family or group needs to subscribe. They can then invite other members to freely join. The standard subscription is $9.75 per year.