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Keeping your content private - for the key moments you want to share with close friends and loved ones.

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Have you ever thought there must be an easier way to share family photos?

With more and more photos stored in different places, our aim is to help restore the 'family album' - a timeline for all family generations to enjoy. Based on a low cost subscription per household or group - the service is free from advertising and user profiling.

Home for family photos

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Creating a home for your family or group photos - avoiding all the clutter and privacy concerns of social media.

For All Ages

An online storyboard that is really easy to use, organise and join - all family generations can post and enjoy photos.

Share Safely

Content remains private within the group. Members can make better use of their own selected photos and video so other members can enjoy.


Only one subscription is needed per family or group - the standard subscription is £9.50 per year. The rest of the family are free!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Catch Up and Google Photos?

Catch Up is aimed at families and small groups who don't want to give away their user profile data. We do not sell advertising, profile users or use facial recognition software to tag users. We charge a small subscription per family or group to maintain our service and keep all content private within the group.

How is Catch Up different from social media?

We have taken the best part of social media - sharing photos with your closest friends and family - and removed all the clutter, fake news, advertising and user profiling. Each group is a private network and content remains private within the group.

How easy is it for friends or family to join?

We have made it easy to invite family or group members. There are no profile pages to set-up. Once you are logged in you are ready to go.

How much does it cost?

Only one subscription is needed per household, family or group - the standard subscription is £9.50 per year. Once the first member has subscribed they act as the administrator and invite other members to freely join their group.

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